A fire pit can provide a great entertainment area for you and your family. You can have an outdoor barbecue right there in your backyard or just use it to stay warm during the winter months. Of course, the easiest way to make an outdoor fire pit is to simply dig a hole in the ground and line it with sand or some other porous, non-flammable material. For those who prefer a more attractive arrangement, commercially made fire pits can be purchased in a variety of styles. Copper is the best material for an outdoor fire pit because of its extremely high melting point. Outdoor fire pits made from cast iron are a popular choice for homeowners who do not want to pay the high price for a copper pit. Chiminea fire pits are enclosed and have a tall chimney on top to vent the smoke. This type of fire pit is useful for smaller areas because it is tall and narrow.

Natural rustic finish means you will never have to paint your fire pit. Just clean it periodically with a nylon brush and water. Log Grate, Poker & Lifting Tool and Spark Guard Screen all included.

Warm up the evening with the Outdoor GreatRoom Serenity tabletop fire pit that features Venturi Flame Technology - fire with a twist! Venturi flames twist and dance thanks to the special technology that uses a proprietary turbo disc in addition to the glass cylinder. This creates an authentic flame with a unique "spinning" aesthetic you and your guests are sure to love! Assembly is fast, with only 3 individual pieces that simply slide into place.

If you are like most people then you enjoy sitting outside and enjoying the beauty and ambiance of a natural wood burning fire. The UniFlame WAD1009SP Outdoor Wood Burning Fire Pit makes it easy to enjoy a contained and safe wood burning fire thanks to the durable construction and safety features that make the UniFlame WAD1009SP Outdoor Wood Burning Fire Pit a popular fire pit. With little assembly required, you can begin enjoying backyard entertaining right away with this quality outdoor wood burning fire pit.

Cuddle up by a cozy fire with the Uniflame WAF1013C outdoor fireplace. This wood burning fire pit features an attractive design that's also functional, safe and easy to use. It comes with a sleek black finish that's sure to complement any outdoor decor. It's the perfect fireplace to add warmth to your patio, deck or other outdoor entertaining spaces! Chimney This wood burning fireplace features a unique design that's very functional. It comes with a metal hearth and hood that forces the smoke go up and out of the chimney. This means that you can enjoy the cozy fire without breathing smoke or ash. Slide-Out Grill Enjoy a delicious meal cooked over the coals of your fire. This handy unit features a slide out grill that allows you to safely and easily grill your food.

A fire pit can provide light, warmth and a great atmosphere for you and your guests. The Lava Heat Italia Pandora Y5 portable fire pit is great for any space and provides 41,000 BTUs of power. Extend your outdoor patio season or provide heat to a cold basement. The options are endless! Easy to Move Unlike other fireplaces that have to stay in one place this unit can be moved to wherever you would like. The attached rear handle and 4 built in casters make moving and positioning it very easy. Put it wherever you and your guests decide to socialize for the evening.