A fun outdoor activity for many families and individuals is boating. Boating offers many opportunities for lots of outdoor recreation. Fishing, skiing, tubing and cruising are enjoyed by thousands of Americans each year. Safety is a key factor in the use of outdoor motor boats, so whether you are looking for canoes, kayaks, pleasure tubes, water skies, wake boards or a fun little electric motor, purchase them here and go out and have fun.


A canoe is a lightweight narrow boat, typically pointed at both ends and open on top, propelled by one or more seated or kneeling paddlers facing the direction of travel using a single-bladed paddle. Quietly paddling across a lake in a canoe is a great outdoor experience, whether to see wildlife, fish, or just get some exercise. There are several types of canoes. There are Wood and Aluminum canoes, along with Fiberglass, Inflatable and Plastic canoes (often polyethylene). When selecting a canoe, some things to consider include the number of seats (typically two, but sometimes three). The weight of the canoe. A lighter canoe is much easier to load on and off the aluminum canoe trailor, or top of the car and into the water. Whether it’s a cheap canoe or an expensive one, they are a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors and are a healthy and fun type of exercise, and can be a good way to enjoy family time.

Different types of Canoes

  • Wood and Canvas Canoes

  • At one time these canoes were used for all purposes, from whitewater paddling to ocean freighting. Because they are more easily damaged with rough use and because they require yearly maintenance, wood/canvas canoes have had to share the market with canoes made of other materials for some time. Aesthetically, however, these canoes are perhaps the most enjoyable as they are quiet in the water, stay cool in the hot sun and are steeped with tradition. Shapes like the Peterborough Champlain and the Chestnut Prospector, are still in great demand for those who are prepared to pay the price for quiet elegance.

  • Aluminum Canoes

  • Aircraft technology has given canoeists nearly indestructible canoes made from identical halves of moulded aluminum alloy joined by a keel with stem plates riveted over a longitudinal seam. Aluminum by itself is too soft for canoe construction and so other metals are added to give the light metal hardness and strength. Better aluminum canoes are made from alloy 6061-T4, a material containing magnesium and silicone which is heat hardened and considered to be the best for aluminum canoe building. Cheaper boats are often made from a cold-formed alloy called 5052-H32 which is softer and weaker that the heat tempered alloys. No matter what alloy is used for construction of an aluminum boat, a characteristic of all canoes of this type is a tendency to stick to rocks. Additional drawbacks include being cold in the spring and hot in the summer and noisy all year round. They are flat bottomed and have slow, unattractive lines; yet, in spite of all of these disadvantages, and in the face of stiff competition, aluminum canoes are the most popular of all canoes.

  • Fiberglass Canoes

  • Fiberglass is a generic term describing canoes which are made from plastic resin reinforced with fibers of glass and other materials. For anything other than the kindest cottage use, these fiberglass boats are not recommended because they're heavy and not very strong - price is usually the only attractive thing about them. Fiberglass was the first cloth used with resin to make canoes. It allowed manufacturers to produce inexpensive, low maintenance canoes and thus contributed largely to a rise in the popularity of canoeing. During the boom years of canoeing every fiberglass shop that had some spare production time began producing canoes. A few companies had good moulds, but most canoes were poorly designed and poorly constructed resulting in abominable canoes with glossy exteriors and low price tags. If low price is a priority for your purchase of a canoe, fiberglass is a good bet - but check the layup (how the fiber and resin are used in construction) to make sure your new canoe will last.

  • Kevlar Canoes

  • A lot like fiberglass, Kevlar is woven from a fiber developed by the Dupont company as a tire cord. Kevlar 49 provides the canoe manufacturer with seemingly the best of two world's: strength without weight. Gram for gram, Kevlar 49 is as strong as steel and in addition to canoe manufacturing, it is used to make bulletproof vests. It is expensive though. Kevlar's major features are its light weight, abrasion resistance and its resistance to tearing. It can be punctured and damaged, however, just like most other cloths - a fact which when combined with its high price makes it an overrated product.

  • Royalex Canoes
  • The plastic industry's gift to white water canoeists, Royalex is the trade name for a wonder material made by Uniroyal. Uniroyal makes Royalex sheets especially for companies like Mad River and Old Town, who in turn heat the material and mould it by vacuum wrapping around their chosen design. When gunwaled with wood or vinyl-covered aluminum these canoes can be bent, folded and generally abused with only minimal hull damage. Royalex canoes are in the same use category as aluminum and like aluminum canoes they're nearly indestructible. However, unlike aluminum boats, ABS canoes are flexible and tend to slide, rather than stick to rocks. They tend to be heavy on land and slow in the water, but the durability ot Royalex canoes make them the most popular in whitewater and canoe tripping circles.

    Boating Tubes

    Boaters today are towing tubes for family fun. Suitable for all members of the family, tubes are among the most popular types of towables on the market today. They’re available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, but all are designed with a single goal in mind: on-water excitement. Single-rider tubes are designed for one person at a time and tend to be high-performance items .The double, just as it sounds, carries two people and is a compromise between a single-rider tube and true multi-rider designs. Regardless of the tube you choose, remember that safety is the first priority. Coast Guard-approved personal floatation device (PFD) are a must for every participant at all times.

    The best rope to tow your tube

      Consider the value of what you are towing behind you boat and invest in the proper tow rope. The first thing all tubers need to know is the number one cause of serious accidents are from tow ropes breaking. The governing body of the water sports industry (W.S.I.A.) has taken this matter seriously and has done extensive testing and standardization to come up with recommended tensile strengths. Recommended Tensile Strengths. 3 person or less - 3,350 lb. break strength 4 person or less - 4,100 lb. break strength 6 person or less - 6,000 lb. break strength Don't buy just any rope. Many consumers simply go to their local hardware store to pick up 60 feet of polypropylene rope. It's the same material right? WRONG! The material may be similar, but those types of polypro has a twisted construction with a only a tensile strength of 1,350 lbs. for 3/8" and 2,400 lbs. for 9/16". Compare that with tube tow ropes of the same sizes with a strength of 2,375 lbs. I already have a water ski rope. Why can't I just use that? Ski ropes are made to take consistent loads. Tube ropes are made to take shock loading when the tube line goes completely slack and then quickly taught again. Not to mention many water ski tow ropes have a handle that cannot be removed.

      Electric Motors

      I remember a time when one in a hundred lure fishing estuary boats had an electric motor. Now you will struggle to find one in a hundred that doesn't, and they really have changed the way we fish lures. Electric motors silently run on 12 or 24 volt battery power and allow you to sneak up on fish that an outboard would otherwise scare. Not only that, you can use the electric motor to hold your position or follow a specific course in search or your target. The bow mount models are my favourite as they allow you to use a foot control so that you have both hands free to do the really important things......LIKE FISH!

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